Mustang 1750RT + Laser Level = Profit


The times, they are a changing, and contractors who do floor preps need to stay in touch.

We have now supplied 5 Dual Dozer Laser Levelling attachments to contractors around New Zealand and the results show that despite the upfront cost the payoff is quick.

The major benefit is that jobs are completed dramatically quicker leading to increased profits, but the other benefits are very tangible too. Due to the increased accuracy the end customers are much happier with the finished job, saving themselves time and money laying the foundations. Getting more jobs done per week also increases the return on your equipment. Speaking of which, we do recommend a track loader to maximise the abilities of the attachment… and with what better machine than the Mustang 1750RT.

The 1750RT comes with all the power and grunt you’d expect from Mustang, but also has a couple unique features. The joystick controls are mounted to the suspension seat, this means that when you move up and down the controls move with you so you don’t need to prop your wrists.

Watch the Video.

The other unique feature is the auto-tensioning tracks. You no longer need to worry about adjusting track tensions. Also, when you come to change tracks you simply flick the switch and watch the idler retract. It’s great.

For more information contact Endraulic or ph 0800 468 782.
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