OTT Tracks Systems


Metal OTT Tracks Traction: GREAT | Flotation: MINIMAL | Price – $3,975+GST
Kelby, Coromandel: “Man, I am impressed with the traction of these metal tracks. Should have got them years ago.”

Rubber OTT Tracks Traction: GOOD | Flotation: HIGH | Price – $5.600+GST
Craig, Taranaki: “I got some rubber tracks off you last year, I just want to tell you how happy I am with them, they have transformed my bobcat, thanks.”

VTS Track System Traction: BEST | Flotation: BEST | Price – $11,000+GST
Steve, Auckland: “My Cat machine was sliding in the mud with wheels, now with VTS tracks I can go anywhere. I love how easy they are to clean and how the dirt doesn’t get stuck in them like our dedicated track machine”

For more information contact Endraulic or ph 0800 468 782.
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