Mustang R-Series

The new R-Series combines breakout force and unparalled operator comfort to create the ultimate skid steer

Mustang has released an all-new stud. The R-Series includes three models — the 1900R, the 2200R, and the 2600R. With a brand new operator’s station, the R-Series makes the operator king, according to Blair Sargison, sales manager at Endraulic Ltd. “They’re packed full of features that make them the most comfortable and drivable machines ever built by Mustang,” says Sargison. Features include 360-degree visibility with cab-forward design to make viewing a work area simple; pressure-relieving hydraulic couplers ensure changing attachments is quick and easy; Hydra-Glide™ ride control for travelling across uneven ground; a pressurised cab option to keep dust and debris out; proportional thumb-operated auxiliary hydraulics for accuracy and ease of use; an air-ride suspension seat with side folding adjustable restraint bar, ensuring optimal driving comfort.

Consequently, the machines deliver the legendary breakout force customers expect from a Mustang with unparalled comfort.

“The R-Series also comes equipped with environmentally-friendly (and wallet-friendly) emissions compliant Tier IV Yanmar engines with lower fuel consumption. They incorporate DPF (diesel particulate filter) technology so don’t require fuel after treatments, such as urea,” says Sargison. “In order to achieve the emission standards and fuel economy, the engines have reduced horsepower but increased torque, which is the most important factor in getting maximum performance out of hydraulic pumps. “Consequently, the machines deliver the legendary breakout force customers expect from a Mustang with unparalleled comfort.”

Download the Mustang R Series.pdf or contact Endraulic Ltd on 0800 468 782 for more.