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Boxer 525DX Arriving Soon

First Units arrive May 2015. Call us for a Demo!

Boxer 525 DX

With the move to lower emissions standards in the USA Boxer has had to redesign the popular 532DX and has released the 525DX.

Obviously the big change is dropping from the turbo 32HP diesel engine down to the 25HP naturally aspirated diesel engine. However while working through this change Boxer also redesigned the hydraulic package, providing smoother drive controls and improved simultaneous functionality. Additionally, the Boxer 525DX features improved protection of the radiator and hydraulic oil cooler components; a push-button machine pressure relief valve to easily couple hydraulic-powered attachments to the high-flow couplers; and increased track adjustment length to extend usable track life. The 525DX is still able to fit through a 900 mm gate with its retracting under carriage.

For more information contact Endraulic or ph 0800 468 782.