Don’t get stuck in the MUD!

VTS tracks

It’s been wet and it looks like it’s going to stay wet. So don’t just accept that you’ll have no beer money over winter, convert your skid steer loader and keep drinking beer!

Here’s a selection of customer stories that show how the products can help you make money over the lean season:

VTS Tracks

VTS tracks


For when you need to be light on the ground and have maximum pushing power a track loader is the best option. But the costs of running them in summer can be crippling and you can’t afford to own 2 machines!

We’d been trying to convince a long term customer that VTS tracks were the right option for him. Finally he had a big enough job that he decided to take the plunge. He rang at 9am the next morning from the job site to thank us for finally convincing him to buy the VTS tracks. He rang again at 10.30am to tell us again how happy he was with the product. The VTS system gives you the best of both worlds, you can run wheels in summer and tracks in winter, and with the costs of maintaining track loaders it really is the best option. We have 3 sets of VTS tracks at the discounted price of $9,900 + GST, please note these may not fit all models. Price correct at 11.5.15

Rubber OTT Tracks

rubber OTT tracks

A good long term customer has used metal tracks over the winter for many years. They were doing work for a council on parks – easy job, easy money – but when the weather turned they couldn’t keep doing the jobs because they were sinking.

While they could have easily got the job done with metal tracks, the mess they would have made wasn’t an option. Rather than giving up the work they tried a set of rubber over the tyre tracks and were surprised at how much flotation they gained and that they could indeed keep doing the work. Ideal for flotation and not making a mess, most 10” tyre sizes cost around $6,000 + GSTPrice correct at 11.5.15

Metal OTT Tracks

metal OTT tracks

A customer was working on a clay job site in the rain where wheels would have been useless. They had their metal tracks on and making a mess of the “front lawn” wasn’t an issue.

A fellow contractor with a track loader was working the same site when he got stuck due to the low ground pressure machine effectively becoming a conveyor belt for mud. Our customer put the track loaders bucket inside his and pushed him out. We have also had comments about dedicated track loaders on wet grassy slopes slipping and sliding. For straight out traction and the lowest possible cost of ownership, metal tracks allow you to get jobs done, priced from just $4,275 + GST. Price correct at 11.5.15

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