Dual Dozer

Laser Controlled

dual dozer compact grading system

Dual Dozer

The Dual Dozer is the only machine on the market which allows the operator to push or pull material.

A laser transmitter sends out a plane of light, allowing receivers to pick up and maintain the same plane on the graded surface. The skid steer mount, which is independent of the power unit, allows the blade to articulate up to 8″ while holding a precise grade. Dual receivers also provide extreme accuracy over the full width of the blade.

Dual Dozer Models:

Model DD6
Width 6 ft (1800mm)
Weight 1500 lbs (682 kg)
Model DD7
Width 7 ft (2100mm)
Weight 1600 lbs (727 kg)
Model DD8
Width 8 ft (2400mm)
Weight 1700 lbs (773 kg)

dual dozer features

Dual Dozer Features:

Wheels mounted behind the blade Operates right up to pad edges and into corners

Dual Blades Allows operation in forwards and reverse

Changeable Rollback Stop Easily fitted to any make or model of skid steer loader

Tractor Mount Option Operates on tractors too!

Leica Laser Screen

Leica Laser Package: $13,500+GST

  • 2 receivers
  • in-cab mount and controls with removable screen
  • quick release connectors
  • fitting of laser system to your machine (excludes travel if not fitted at Endraulic or Global Survey premises)

Dave Bell Control BoxDave Bell Lasers $5,885+GST

  • 2 receivers
  • control box
  • excludes fitting

VIDEO  See the Dual Dozer in action | LINK www.dualdozer.com | DOWNLOAD Dual Dozer Brochure

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