Endraulic Wheel Loaders Saves Farmer Big Bucks

LoadMax Wheel Loader

When Geoff first contacted us he explained how he was buying a new farm and trying to change the way they were doing their feed outs. He wanted to change how they were currently set up to lower the cost of getting up and running on the new farm. To replicate what they were doing on other farms they would require a big brand name loader, approximately $150,000 +GST, a new mixer wagon, approximately $100,000 +GST, and a new tractor to pull it, approximately $150,000 +GST. The total cost of setup was around $400,000 +GST.

Geoff’s idea was to buy a new Endraulic WL300E 10T wheel loader and set it up with a new Emily mixer feeder bucket utilising the auxiliary hydraulics that come standard with the quick hitch. Geoff has the bucket set up on his Endraulic loader and has reported that it works great. The total cost was only $95,000 +GST saving him a whopping $305,000 +GST. Whether you are setting up a new way of doing things or just replacing your loader, make sure you talk to us about our value range of loaders that will save you big bucks over a brand name machine.

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