V3 Flexplane

Land Leveler

Grouser flex Plane

Grouser’s V3 Flex Plan is the only self-leveling land leveler on the market. With this patent pending design, this land leveler will follow the contour of the ground, gliding smoothly across the job site and increasing productivity. Its large rear side plates and durable design enhance the unit’s versatility in a variety of challenging situations. Download the V3-Flexplane Data Sheet

15290-72 54.25 in. 72 in. 22.75 in. 759 lbs.
15290-78 54.25 in. 78 in. 22.75 in. 790 lbs.
15290-84 54.25 in. 84 in. 22.75 in. 819 lbs.
15290-90 54.25 in. 90 in. 22.75 in. 850 lbs.
15290-96 54.25 in. 96 in. 22.75 in. 879 lbs.

LINK www.v3flexplane.com

For more information contact Endraulic or ph 0800 468 782.


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