Mini Excavators

Meet the Mini Excavators

Sunward’s Mini Excavator range from 1.8 to 9 tonnes delivers a variety of excavators especially suited to compact sites and tight spaces. The Sunward F-Series machines have proven themselves popular with earthmovers, drainlayers, utility companies and owner operators, due to their strong price-point that doesn’t skimp on power availability, safety features, and add-ons usually seen on the more expensive brands.

The Sunward excavator brand has been established in New Zealand through Endraulic Equipment since 2006 and have proven themselves a popular choice thanks to their robust design and features, which make their value for-money pricing an attractive proposition. Drainlayers and plumbing contractors are one such market segment that the Sunward brand seems to have a tight grip on and one of the reasons for this appears to be the non-allegiance to some of the more well-known brands. Many business owners select Sunward on the recommendation of others in the same industry.

Mini Excavators ideal for Compact Sites

The Sunward Mini Excavators are right at home on compact sites. Sitting mid-range in the Sunward size offerings (up to 36 tonnes) available from Endraulic, the SWE90UF is powered by a four-cylinder Yanmar 4TNV98C engine rated 46.2kW@2200rpm. The short-tailed SWE90UF looks totally urban-esque surrounded by the numerous open footings, with tradies busily going about their business.

“One of the main reasons we decided to bring this sized-excavator into the country was exactly for compact sites,” says Blair Sargison, director of Endraulic Equipment. “General earthmoving contractors work on many different jobs sites and sometimes it could be weeks or months before they find themselves on a tight site like the one we’re on today, but plumbing and drainage contractors are working in awkward spots every day,” says Blair. “Having a larger nine-tonne machine will do the work far more efficiently, but with not a heck of a lot bigger footprint than a machine that weighs a few tonnes less. If you take a closer look at this model, it’s specifically designed for work in close quarters, with the short-tail swing, good-sized blade, and an excellent reach for loading four or six-wheeler tippers. The market for compact excavators is also growing because urban subdivisions are typically producing smaller section sizes, and smaller sized machinery makes that type of work a lot easier.”

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