Global Supply Crisis

Get your Equipment sorted well in advance

Global Supply Issues

We’ve never seen anything like it!

You may have heard in the news issues around freight delays, Covid induced factory shutdowns, computer chip supply problems, and companies in NZ worried about not having stock for Christmas. Often we hear stories in the media and assume they are hamming it up, as they are prone to do, but, for once they aren’t. And it isn’t going to get better anytime soon. The latest in the series of dramas is the USA port congestion, that is snowballing around the world, and the Chinese energy crisis which is forcing factories to shut down every second week. Here are some examples of the issues that we are experiencing right now: Airfreight – we used to be able to get shipments out of China in two days, they are now taking up to three weeks. 

Container shipping – as well as the cost increasing more than eight times from China we are experiencing big shipping delays, a container that used to take five weeks is now taking up to 12 weeks to arrive. Factory production – due to the component shortages and the world economy picking up dramatically some suppliers have not only delayed production this year, but now their whole production capacity for 2022 is sold. This means that if we place an order now we won’t receive it until April 2023! With almost 20 years in this industry we haven’t seen anything like it. So the upshot is expect shortages and delays to continue for a long time yet. If you have a project coming up, and need some more equipment, then best get your A into G and sort it out well in advance!

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