Mustang Skid Steer Loader


Skid Steer Loaders are compact four wheel drive machines with a bucket on the front. The term “skid steer” refers to the fact that they turn by driving one side at a different speed or direction to the other side, thus they turn on the spot like a tank or excavator.

They have been designed with the engine at the rear to increase their lifting capacity and their functions operate through hydraulics. The first machines made were the “Bobcat” brand, named after the Bob Cat a small Lynx, Lynx Rufus which ranges across the wilds of Canada and North America. The term Bobcat is now often used generically to describe all similar machines.

Skid Steer Loaders or Bobcats were originally designed for use on the farm, but due to their versatility, power and compact size they are mainly used in New Zealand for construction work. The ability to fit many different attachments to the machines – see our extensive range of  Earth Moving Equipment Attachments – and the precise control they offer when using attachments has seen the units sold around the world reach around 100,000 units per year.

The Mustang Skid Steer Loader was first produced in 1965, a year after the first Bobcat. The saying “we’re number two, so we try harder” applies well for Mustang Skid Steer Loaders. They have built a reputation for strength and quality, and are consequently highly regarded the world over. In New Zealand many of the best skid steer owner operators demand Mustang Skid Steer Loaders because they recognise that doing a job efficiently is critical to the success of their business. If you would like to see Mustang Skid Steer Loaders in operation in New Zealand please call us for a free CD-Rom on 0800 4 MUSTANG (0800 468 782).


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