Dual Dozer

Dual Dozer  laser guided grading systems are easy to learn and simple to use. A laser transmitter sends out a plane of light, allowing receivers to pick up and maintain the same plane on the graded surface with minimal set up. Dual receivers offer extreme accuracy over the full width of the blade, producing sub-grade surfaces in less time, with less labour, costing you less. Plays a key role in improved concrete yield, slab fitness and ultimately slab performance. Download the Dual Dozer Brochure or click here to read more…

“The blade is really paying for itself. My operator can now cut out a 144m x 20m shed with gradient in 4 hours. He’s doing 3 house floors a day. It’s selling itself too, another customer watched how the contractors were doing his floors and looked across the road and saw how we were doing them. He came across the road and asked us to do all his floor preps from now on. I’m wrapped with it.” D Wheeler, New Plymouth

“I’m really pleased with that blade, it’s awesome how fast we can do a factory floor and we get it within 3mm. It’s a great tool.” T King, Auckland

VIDEO Dual Dozer laser guided grading system | LINK  http://dualdozer.com