Sunward: Leader in Large Excavators

Sunward’s large excavator range feature Isuzu engines and Kawasaki Hydraulics for powerful smooth performance.

Priced very competitively in the market with full factory backed support and 3 year/3000 hour warranty Sunward has been tried and proven by many contractors in New Zealand since 2006.

When Wayne Valder from Pro-Floors needed to beef up his fleet, he got in touch with Blair from Endraulic to find out what was available. Wayne was already running 28 diggers, including five Sunwards, so Blair suggested the Sunward SWE365E; there was probably not a lot of material a machine of this size could not adequately deal with.

“One of my mates who has a couple of Sunwards spoke highly of their capabilities, so we thought we’d also see how they could be fitted into our operation. We did our homework and for us, all the things seemed to add up.”

Wayne Valder / Pro Floors

Another company who rely on Sunward’s performance every day are Scarbro’s civil division, who took the jump not once but twice when they introduced Sunward SWE230E excavators into their fleet in 2017 to handle the grueling workload in an Auckland quarry.

“We thought long and hard about purchasing the first Sunward machine but found it hard to discount the numerous advantages it offered,” he says. Along with the purchase price being attractive, Paul points out that the machine’s construction is essentially a combination of well-known brand manufacturers. “The undercarriage’s parts are interchangeable with Komatsu, pumps are by Kawasaki, and it has an Isuzu engine. “When the main parts of a machine are made by those people, then replacements will be cost-effective if we ever require them,” he says.

Paul Scarborough / Scarbro

Sunward has been manufacturing excavators since 1999 and Endraulic has been supplying and supporting the product since 2006.  Sunward is now the 36th largest construction manufacturer in the world ahead of many other well known brands.

Packed with all the features and options you would expect, call or contact us for a competitive quotation on a Sunward large excavator.