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All Terrain Bobcats

Brendan from All Terrain Bobcats has been operating skid steer loaders for 15 years, so it’s understandable he was a bit hesitant to change brands despite some issues with his current brand. But after interacting with Endraulic for over 5 years he realised the same people were still working in the business and happy to discuss options with him, so when he came to upgrade he gave them a call. Click Here for Full Story »


When Wayne Valder from Pro-Floors needed to beef up his fleet, he got in touch with Blair from Endraulic to find out what was available. Wayne was already running 28 diggers, including five Sunwards, so Blair suggested the Sunward SWE365E; there was probably not a lot of material a machine of this size could not adequately deal with. Click here for full story and video »

Paul Jones

As someone who is always on the job, having the right earthmoving equipment is crucial for Paul Jones, or Jonesy, as he is known. He operates out of the Matamata-Piako district, and he works his machines hard.  “I’m always out there, doing it. Every day, I put in concrete, then head off to the next site and prepare for the next day. My team and I are flat stick, always standing in driveways getting it done,” Jonesy says. Click Here for Full Story and Video »

Adams Landscapes

Adams Landscapes has been providing civil engineering services to greater Auckland for more than 50 years. Mike Adams, Managing Director, has seen all types of machinery during his time with the company. So when Endraulic approached him about buying a Sunward mini- excavator from China he wasn’t very keen at all. But three things convinced him – firstly it was made with big brand Japanese components like the Yanmar engine and KYB valve and swing motor. Secondly when he drove it at the Endraulic demo day he found it smooth, fast and powerful. Lastly Mike found that paying the machine off over just 18 months would cost him no more than his monthly hire bill for a similar Japanese made machine. “I was very dubious when Endraulic approached me about buying a Sunward excavator, but now I am more than happy with it”. But its not just the boss who’s happy, the operators are impressed too. One commented that it out dug their (big brand yellow machine) and another was so convinced that it was a Japanese machine his co-worker had to ring up Endraulic so he could hear it from the horses mouth.

Scarborough Brothers Limited

Scarborough Brothers Limited first bought a Mustang for use in their siteworks business way back in 1983. Since then they have owned 8 Mustangs – the reason? Reliability and service. Paul Scarbrough, Managing Director, notes “We’ve had a great run out of Mustang and, more importantly, we know that if we do have a problem Endraulic is always there to sort it out. They have competent staff who know the machines backwards. We even take other machines to Endraulic, because we know they will be able to fix it faster and cheaper than anyone else.” The latest addition to their fleet is the new look 2054. Weighing in at 2.9T the 2054 can’t be touched for a combination of breakout force and compact size. With the 12” tyres it also very light on the ground through the winter months when traction can be an issue.

Mace Contractors

Mace Contractors are a landscaping business that Neville Mace has grown over the last 36 Years. Mace Contractors do large landscaping projects around the Auckland area. Current projects include the new Highbrook development and the Ryman Healthcare village in Ellerslie. With over 60 Staff Neville needs to make sure he is getting the best productivity he can and after hiring mini-excavators on long-term contracts he realised he would be better to own the equipment outright. Neville did his homework when choosing the new machines. When presented with a new brand in Sunward he spent a lot of time making sure the machines were the equal of the Japanese machines he had been looking at. The Sunward machines were running the same Japanese engines and components, and on paper seemed to stack up. But the real test was getting his operators to put the machines in the dirt. The Sunward SWE28 (3.4T) and SWE17 (1.8T) performed superbly and with the sharp pricing it was hard to refuse. But what really made the sale was dealing with Endraulic. With 25 years in the Earthmoving Equipment business Endraulic is no fly by night company, and Neville had been dealing with the same representative for 4 years, unlike other companies where the representatives are there one day and gone the next. Neville knows he can rely on Endraulic to be there when they need them.

Dennis Marx

Dennis Marx has been contracting in the Clevedon area for 13 years. During this time his business has gone through many changes of machinery, most recently he has found his time is best spent driving a skid steer loader and project manage the larger equipment for his customers depending on what the job requires. He had been talking with Endraulic for a number of years and found them easy to deal with. He also liked the simplicity of the Mustang machine as so many other machines are becoming more and more computer orientated. So in December he took the plunge and bought a new Mustang 2044. Since then we are happy to report that his expectations of Endraulic’s customer service and support have been exceeded.