Manufacturer Warranty

All of the new equipment we supply comes with a warranty backed by the manufacturer. If you believe your machine has a warrantable defect, please follow the below steps PRIOR to having it repaired to ensure your claim isn’t denied by the manufacturer. Manufacturer’s require the following information in order to process a claim, please send via email to

1. Video

Where possible take a short video of the fault/sound as applicable. If the video is too large to email use a file transfer site such as

2. Photos

  • Serial Plate Note: NOT the FOPS/ROPS certificate. See example pictures above, but if unsure, please take pictures of both plates.
  • Hour clock showing current hours on the machine
  • Close up picture of the faulty part (point with finger in photo if multiple parts in view)
  • Identifying numbers on the part (if applicable)
  • Wide angle photo of the faulty part showing where it is located on the machine
  • Whole machine photos x4 – front, left, right, back
  • Wide angle photos showing the environment the machine is working in

3. Description

Please provide a clear description of the fault and any additional relevant information. Please note that if a fault could have occurred due to lack of servicing, the manufacturer may also request proof servicing be supplied, so please feel free to supply this at the same time as above to speed up the process.