Manitou Track Loaders

Manitou Track Loader
Manitou loaders have the reputation in the industry of being the strongest and most reliable machines on the market. Endraulic stock a variety of Manitou Track Loaders and Skid Loaders (bobcats) to ensure you get the right machine for the job.

Manitou, the owner of the Mustang and Gehl brands of compact equipment, has announced that the Manitou brand of skid steer and track loaders will replace the Mustang and Gehl brand machines in the New Zealand market. They are committed to providing the highest quality robust loaders that customers in New Zealand have come to expect and the change of brand won’t change this in anyway. As the machines are identical, other than colour, there will be no disruption to parts or service support. If you are an owner of a Mustang or Gehl machine please contact the New Zealand distributor Endraulic if you have any questions or to view the new Manitou loaders

Check out the Endraulic range of Manitou Track Loaders…

Manitou 1050RTDownload Spec Sheet – Manitou 1050RT
50% of Tipping: 680 kg
Gross Power: 26kW
Lift Height: 2769mm

Manitou 1350RTDownload Spec Sheet – Manitou 1350RT
50% of Tipping: 875 kg
Gross Power: 34.3kW
Lift Height: 2794mm

Manitou 1650RTDownload Spec Sheet – Manitou 1650RT
50% of Tipping: 1069 kg
Gross Power: 51.0kW
Lift Height: 3038mm

Manitou 1850RTDownload Spec Sheet – Manitou 1850RT
50% of Tipping: 1199 kg
Gross Power: 51kW
Lift Height: 3251mm

Manitou 2150RTDownload Spec Sheet – Manitou 2150RT
50% of Tipping: 1393 kg
Net Power: 52.7kW
Lift Height: 3251mm

Manitou 2550RTDownload Spec Sheet – Manitou 2550RT
50% of Tipping: 1652 kg
Gross Power: 55.4kW
Lift Height: 3251mm

Manitou 2100VTDownload Spec Sheet – Manitou 2100VT
50% of Tipping: 1361 kg
Gross Power: 51.7kW
Lift Height: 4026mm

Manitou 2300VTDownload Spec Sheet – Manitou 2300VT
50% of Tipping: 1490.50 kg
Gross Power: 53.7kW
Lift Height: 4026mm
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